Assessment and Individualized Instruction

A personalized approach underscores the department’s philosophy in maximizing student potential, both academically and personally.

English and Communication Arts

The mission of the TCHS Department of English and Communications Arts is to help students reach their full potential as readers, writers, and thinkers.

English Language Development

The goal of the ELD program is to assist English Learners new to the country in achieving native like fluency so they can successfully complete high school and move on to college.

History and Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences at Temple City High School is devoted to providing all students with an accessible and challenging program.


The Mathematics Department is committed to providing a rigorous standards based curriculum for all students at all levels.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department is committed in developing healthy habits of mind, maintaining physical, social, and emotional health


The Department of Science's prime function is to instill a sense of wonder in our students with respect to the natural world.

Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department provides a diverse depth of experience in the areas of Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, Choral Music, and Dramatic Arts.

World Languages

The World Language Department offers four languages - French, German, Mandarin and Spanish - and advanced study, including AP, in the first three.