Visual Arts


About the Visual Arts Department

All Visual Arts courses are aligned with the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards and TCUSD Standards. Students will focus on the acquisition of artistic skills as well as:

  • Develop a variety of artistic skills and tecniques.
  • Experiement in a wide variety of artistic media.
  • Build a vocabulary related to art.
  • Evaluate the artwork produced in class and that of their peers.
  • Explore the rich history of art and past artistic movements.
  • Become familiar with different philospohies of art and fundimentals of art criticism.
  • Write reflectively about artwork that is produced in class.



Kim Cales

Art 1, Advanced Art & AP Art History



Diane Chang Ho

Art 1 & Animation/ Illustration



Mihee Kim

Ceramics, AP Art & Design



Sue Hook

Art 1