Course Outline

Art 1

This course introduces students to general techniques and theories of art and provides experiences for a beginning level student who has an interest in learning about different art media. Course themes include, but are not limited to, elements of art, principles of design, foundation drawing, color theory, acrylic painting, and 3D sculpture. Students will be given technical instruction in the use of various media and explore creative approaches to artistic expression. This class is designed as an introductory course, which will allow for you to move on to more advanced art classes.

Advanced Art

This studio class will examine the fundamental techniques and concepts appropriate to the use of color and painting as a significant means of human expression. Basic tools, techniques and ideas related to oil painting will be explored. Students will also engage in hands on experimentation with different media including ebony pencil, ink pen, charcoal, conte crayons, pastels, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. All projects will emphasize three-dimensional style, work and students will receive individual help as needed. Instruction will be a combination of lecture, demonstrations, visual aides, projects and visual analysis (critiques). Prerequisite: Art 1 with a minimum grade of "B" and instructor approval.


This is an in-depth study of various techniques in art with clay. Emphasis will be on craftsmanship, hand-building, increasing student vocabulary, and developing skills in the use of ceramic tools. Students will receive individual help for solving problems with their projects. Students will be able to explore and expand upon their projects which include pinch and coil pots, slab construction, life sculpture, and abstract forms. Historical and multicultural emphasis are typical additions to many projects. Prerequisite: Art 1

Advanced Painting Honors

The Advanced Painting Honors course is an in-depth study in processes, materials and techniques used in acrylic and oils for the highly motivated student. Students will work toward developing their personal style and an advanced proficiency in communicating an idea, theme or emotion in realistic or abstract rendering. Students will have an opportunity to study and research artist's life and style by creating a power point presentation. Instruction will be a combination of lecture, demonstrations, visual aides, projects and visual analysis (critiques). Students will analyze and discuss series of heir work in-depth and develop personal style and direction. Students will receive individual help as needed. Prerequisite: Advanced Painting Honors instructor approval, portfolio review, application, teacher recommendation, and 2 years of studio art classes (Art 1, Advanced Art or Illustration).

AP Art History

The AP Art History course attempts to provide a broad overview of the history of art, beginning with prehistoric and ending with art of the 1990's. This course will examine primarily Western Art as well as non-Western art history. It is intended to provide students familiarity and awareness of the development of art, its major movements and figures with its relationship to the historical period which it was created. Prerequisite: Instructor approval, statement of intent, and English teacher recommendation. Summer work is required.


The AP Art & Design is an inquiry-based art making course designed to the students who are seriously interested in learning about and making art and design. This is a studio class where students work at an advanced level using a variety of media to solve problems, answer questions, present information, and to express individual voices through the use of visual media.  Students will conduct an in-depth, sustained investigation of materials, processes, and ideas.  The course focused on concepts and skills emphasized within college art and design foundations coursed with the same intent: to help students become inquisitive, thoughtful artists and designers able to articulate information about their work.  AP Art and Design students develop and apply skills of inquiry and investigation, practice, experimentation, revision, communication, and reflection.  Students will compile an original body of work that addresses the AP Art & Design expectations of the Selected Works and the Sustained investigation over the span of an academic school year.  In addition, students will demonstrate personal artistic growth, assemble, and submit a completed portfolio to the College Board for grading.


This class is designed for students considering a career in the areas of illustration or graphic arts. Students will apply drawing and painting skills to solve illustration problems. Course themes include, but are not limited to elements of art, principles of design, ink technique, book illustration, character development, story telling and comic production. Students will learn a variety of ink media and develop an understanding of design. They will be introduced to key figures and the historical traditions associated with illustration. Students will familiarize themselves with the illustrator process from thumbnails, to roughs, to finished products. Previous art and drawing study is highly recommended.

3D Sculpture 

3D Sculpture is designed to give students experience in classical and contemporary art making and sculpture methods using a variety of art materials. Sculpture projects explore art history and philosophy, while providing opportunities for self-expression. Projects materials include wire, wood, fabric, found objects and papier-mâché. Instruction is conducted in a safe and respectful creative environment supporting individual attention, idea development and artistic growth. This course is currently pending UC/CSU approval. Prerequisite: Art 1 or instructor approval.


A course designed to introduce students to the audio/visual field. Students will learn camera operation, video editing, special effects creation, storyboarding, sound and set design for both live and recorded events. Students must have good academic standing to maintain enrollment and must be willing to put in extra hours after school for production schedules. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

Advanced Art/Film

This class is designed for those students with a background in audio/visual media. Students will learn script writing, advanced video editing, production management, sound engineering and directing. Student may take the class for a total of six semesters. Students must maintain good academic standing to maintain enrollment and must be willing to put in extra hours after school for production schedules. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.