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Richard Lohman, Principal,
Elena Li, Assistant Principal,
Annie Hernandez, Assistant Principal,
Binh Nguyen, Assistant Principal, 

TCHS Question and Answer Session
March 25, 2021

General Information about TCHS Cohorts
What is this reopening going to look like? 

The results of the District survey gave us a list of Seniors who wanted to come back. Those who expressed the desire to return to school have been invited back to campus starting April 5. Students will attend morning classes at home as usual. Following class and a lunch break from 12:50-1:45pm, afternoon classes will run from 1:45-3:15. Seniors report to campus and will be in the same room with the same teacher and the same students.  Students who indicated they want to come back in the survey will have an in-person educational opportunity with a teacher including Social- Emotional Learning (SEL) and Community building. This is not an academic class for a grade.

Underclassmen who indicated that they wanted to also return to campus will be placed in cohorts as well. These classes will either focus on academic support or Social-emotional Learning. These groups will begin April 12 and will run Monday - Thursday for. 1:45-3:15 following the regular  morning distance learning. 

What are the procedures for being on campus? What steps are being taken to keep my child safe at school?

We will follow all LA County Department of Public Health protocols.

  • Students will be meeting in stable groups and will not be interacting with other students.

  • Students will need to wear masks at all times on campus and will have their temperature taken prior to entering the campus.

  • Parking will available in the student parking lot off TC Boulevard

  • There will be two entrances:

    • The gate off the Lemon Parking lot 

    • The gate off the TC Boulevard Parking lot

  • Hand sanitizing stations are available in all classrooms and common areas

Who will be invited to this re-opening? When is this going to start?

A District survey was sent out to all students and seniors who responded in the affirmative have been invited back. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who responded they also wanted to return to campus will return April 12. 

I answered that I didn’t want my student to return in the afternoon; but I’ve changed my mind. How do I communicate that?

If you have changed your mind about your child attending please email one of the administrators below and we will make the appropriate changes.

What will my students be taught in the small groups in the afternoon?

For the seniors, this will be an opportunity for your student to be with peers and a teacher.  They will participate in SEL lessons as well as some senior activities. 9th - 11th cohorts will be a combination of support for students struggling in their academic classes as well as social-emotional learning.

What if I marked “No” for returning, but I change my mind? And vice versa, what if I marked “Yes” and now I don’t want my student to attend?

Notify your site Administrators and we can assist. Administration emails are listed at the top of this FAQ.

Will there be a curriculum for the afternoon classes?

There will be an SEL curriculum established by the teacher. For the cohorts/stable groups focusing on specific academic support, there will be tutoring or other interventions including the use of district adopted Paper tutoring service.

Will attendance be taken in these small groups?

Attendance will be taken by the teacher; however, teachers will be advised to be flexible when it comes to attendance expectations. If your student is going to miss class or be late, they should be notifying their teacher.   

What type of books and computers will need to be lugged back and forth.  If any?

Students are encouraged to bring their laptops to the afternoon sessions. Students should not need any books related to their morning sessions.  Individual teachers will relay their expectations to their students.  

What is the school going to do for students with IEPS that are struggling with a class/curriculum?

Students with IEPs will continue to receive their specified accommodations. All students are welcome to attend the afternoon cohort sessions. Please feel free to reach out to an administrator for more information.

If school reopens, how many students per class?

In our afternoon sessions from now until June, classes will be no larger than 14 students to one teacher.

Will the distance learning hours remain the same or will it change? Will we remain in remote learning for the rest of the school year?

Morning sessions of distance learning will continue throughout the end of the year from 8:30- 12:50, Monday through Thursday and Friday homeroom.   Remote learning will continue through the school year to ensure a continuity of learning and access to curriculum for all students.  Students joining us in the afternoon will join us on campus after they have completed their morning sessions and had an opportunity to eat lunch at 1:45  

Total students and # in each cohort group?

There will be 14 or less in a cohort.

Can you clarify what "social/emotional" component means? Is there instructional time included in the reentry process?

Instruction will be designed based on student needs and interest by individual teachers. Since there is not a traditional academic component to these sessions, lessons will be centered around peer-to-peer interactions and rebuilding the life-skills students are missing.

How do you arrange for lunch time? Are the students all separate and maintain social distance, can they bring their own meal to school?

There will be enough time for students to complete their morning sessions at home, have lunch, and then come to the afternoon cohort sessions. There will not be any eating in the classrooms. Bottled water, brought by the students, is only allowed to be consumed outside of the classroom. District lunch distribution will continue in the Student Parking lot- please use caution when entering and exiting campus.

Do we know the group ahead of time? Is that with a teacher for certain subject?

Students will receive an email the night before their scheduled class begins with the name of their teacher and where to report. Students are not grouped according to subject or teacher; rather, they are randomly assigned to cohort groups based upon need in grades 9-11.   Seniors will be starting April 5th and will receive an email April 4th. Grades 9-11 will be starting April 12 and will be receiving an email April 11. 

If a student attends in-person, are they committed to attending every day, or is attendance optional?

While attendance will be taken, it is not for ADA purposes nor will it be reported in a negative manner. Taking attendance is for student safety and accountability.  We kindly ask that if a student is going to be absent, please communicate that with the teacher ahead of time.

Will kids that elect not to come back be at any kind of disadvantage academically? There are no requirements to go back in person as long as the student is on remote learning from morning to 1 pm for the rest of the school year? Is this correct?

Correct. Returning to campus is optional and will not negatively impact your child in any way. All students will continue remote learning in the morning regardless of their afternoons. Our instructional program will continue in the morning session.   No new academic material will be given in the afternoon.  

How many days a week will students be in class on campus in the afternoon?

Students returning to campus in the afternoons will attend Monday- Thursday. Campus is closed on Fridays.

Is there homework help during the SEL cohort time?

There can be! Students can let their teacher know their needs during their time on campus.

Will there be any tests during after school? Or do all the tests happen online?

No. All tests will take place in the academic sessions occurring during the morning classes. Afternoon cohort sessions will not receive an academic grade.

Are you getting input from students for these activities?

Yes! We want this to be a meaningful experience for our students and are looking to our students for guidance on what they would like to happen and what they need. 

Will special education students be mixed in and amongst with general education students for the afternoon cohorts?

Yes. Our cohorts are an inclusive space for all of our students.

Can we request for my son to be in the same cohort as his friends? It’s their last year at TCHS.

We have randomly cohorted students together to allow for small sizes to maintain social distancing. At this time, we cannot take requests.  

Can students have time to “hang out” as part of this “social emotional”?

It is our hope that within the social-emotional cohorts that students will interact with one another. While we cannot allow for students to congregate in large groups on campus, we hope that students will continue to interact in socially appropriate ways.

How does dismissal work at 3:15?

Students will be dismissed at 3:15 and should  remain socially distanced as they exit campus and not congregate in groups. TCHS administrators will be ensuring that students leave campus while maintaining safety protocols.  

Health and Safety

What are the procedures for being on campus? What steps are being taken to keep my child safe at school?

We will follow all LA County Department of Public Health protocols.

  • Students will be meeting in stable groups and will not be interacting with other students.

  • Students will need to wear masks at all times on campus and will have their temperature taken prior to entering the campus.

  • Parking will available in the student parking lot off TC Boulevard

  • There will be two entrances:

    • The gate off the Lemon Parking lot 

    • The gate off the TC Boulevard Parking lot

  • Hand sanitizing stations are available in all classrooms and common areas

Does our child need to be vaccinated?


How will the COVID alerts be sent out if there is a positive case in the cohort?

Parents and students within the cohort will receive an email notification that there has been a positive case along with further directions on safety and next steps for return.

I thought current CDC guidelines are 3 feet apart?

This is true but out of an abundance of caution, TCUSD is committed to maintaining 6 ft of separation between all individuals.  

Will the students in each cohort interact with each other?

Yes. The hope is that the students in the cohort receive the social-emotional support that comes from in-person instruction and peer-to-peer interactions while maintaining social distancing.

Will my child change classes in the afternoons or will they all stay together in the same room the entire afternoon each day?

Students will remain in the same classroom and with the same cohort while attending the afternoon session on campus. 

Are all teachers currently vaccinated?

All school staff (teachers, aides, administrators, food services, custodial staff, coaches, and administrators) have been given the opportunity to receive vaccinations through TCUSD.

Will you have students report travel during their spring break?

While this is not something we will be explicitly asking, we hope that parents will also adhere to the CDC’s guidelines and quarantine upon their return before coming to school.

Are there any additional protective devices installed in the classrooms such as plexiglass barriers or HVAC systems?

Each classroom has a plexiglass barrier at the teacher desk, along with hand-sanitizing stations at the doors. Desks have been removed from the classrooms and spaced out to only allow a maximum of 14 students, spaced out 6 feet. Additionally, our HVAC systems have been inspected and updated.  

What is the protocol and procedures for entering and exiting the campus to ensure safe social distancing?

Students will enter and exit campus from two designated gates: the gate off Lemon Street and the gate off the Student Parking Lot. (Students who drive do not need a parking pass to park on campus.) Markers and arrows will be placed on the ground to show students appropriate spacing while waiting to enter campus. Prior to entering campus, students will have their temperatures taken and asked a series of questions. Prior to  entry, students will self- report the results using the Parent Square App. While on campus, students will follow arrows placed on the floors and stairways to promote student foot-traffic safety and spacing.

Are masks mandated?  If a student or staff isn't wearing one, what happens?  What other safety precautions are in place?

Masks are required  by students and staff at all times while on campus and in the classrooms. If a student is not wearing a mask, they will not be allowed on campus. If a student removes or refuses to wear a mask, they will be addressed by administration. 

Is the school providing masks or will students bring their own mask?  Does the mask need to be a surgical mask? Can students use the mask with a shield on it?

Students should bring their own masks.  TCHS will provide for students if they forget.   They do not need to be surgical masks, but may be if they would like. Additionally, students may wear a mask and a face shield.

Will the school nurse be present on campus?

Yes! We have a full-time nurse on campus, all day.

Future Dates and Activities

How is AP testing going to work?

Students will be taking the AP test from home, digitally, with the exception of the Foreign Language AP exams.  More information on individual tests will be shared by teachers with students in AP classes.  

Would students be able to keep their computer equipment through the summer?

No. Students will be returning their computers at the end of the school year, in order for us to update and service them.  .

Will there be summer school? If so, who will be invited to summer school?

A variety of Summer School options will be available to students.  TCHS will be offering  credit recovery class.  Your student’s counselor will be reaching out to you once we finalize our offerings.   For students seeking advancement opportunities, there are many options outside of TCHS.  Please reach out to your student’s counselor for options based on individual needs.  

Any further update on 'volunteer' hour stuff or is that pretty much meh for the next couple years?  Do the kids need to try to find stuff to do this summer?

Current Seniors have had their “volunteer hours” or CSL waived. Freshmen and Sophomores have had their CSL requirement reduced to 50 hours by the time they graduate. Volunteer hours can be done virtually and do not need to necessarily be done in person. Please contact your counselor for ideas and more information. 

Will all the kids from high school go back to full schedule in the fall?

This will be determined by guidelines from the State, County, and District. It is a continually evolving situation which we will know more definitively as fall approaches. Plans will be communicated as they are developed.

What will fall returning to school look like? Is there a plan in this academic year for the students to comeback full-time or hybrid?

At the moment we are still in the early planning phase of how school will look like in the Fall. It will be dependent on State and County guidelines. Our hope is that we continue to move into less restrictive tiers and are able to have students return to campus in some fashion. 

Will there be another survey sent by the district later during this school year?

TCUSD and TCHS will continue to reach out to families as the year progresses. 

Will there be an in-person graduation?

We are hopeful that we will be able to celebrate our graduates in person. However, we are still operating under the guidelines of the State and County. Once we know more, we will be sure to communicate our plan with our families.

Do we need to buy caps and gowns?

Cap and gown information, including the possibility to rent, can be directed to Ms. Dianne Blank (

What does the in-person schedule and schooling look like for next year? Do we know any dates about registration, orientation, and such?

Dates for orientation and registration are still being finalized. With the success of online registration over the last year, we will continue with this practice, and schedules will be sent to students electronically. As dates are finalized, they will be shared with families. 

Will there be any clubs open on campus?

Student clubs will remain digital at this time. 

Any plans for music classes to meet?

We are hoping to have music back on campus as soon as State and County guidelines allow for it.  


How will this work for the students who play sports? 

Students will have the opportunity to participate in both. 

Are fans allowed to watch soccer games or is it players only?

At this time, depending on the sport, there are limits to the number of spectators allowed to watch the games on our athletic fields.  Coaches will share this information with athletes and parents.  

When will other sports (i.e. basketball) be allowed to practice and be allowed back on the campus?

At this time, we are welcoming back our outdoor Spring Sports to have a season with practices and games. Protocols and regulations for sports played indoors are being set by state, county, and CIF guidelines.  For more information on sports, please contact our Athletic Director at

Academic Support

If a child wants additional help in a subject who should they ask? 

Students have many options for academic support:

  1. Teachers offer office hours. A list of our teacher’s office hours were emailed to your student last week. Teachers also post their office hours on their Canvas pages.

  2. Paper Co. - students have access to 24/7 online tutoring help. The icon for this app is located in your child’s Clever.

  3. We offer peer tutoring through HELP. Teachers have the link posted in their Canvas pages.

So if I want my freshman to have in-person homework help, is that being offered at all?

If a student decides to join a cohort, and they bring homework to class, they can work on it.  Paper Co. is a great way for students to get additional help with homework as well. 



In accordance with California Election Codes 2148(a) and 2146(e) and California Education Code section 49041 , TCHS is committed to voter registration and preregistration ( The intention of the legislation is to provide “every eligible high school and college student [with] a meaningful opportunity to apply to register to vote.”  This includes the following:

  • providing voter registration forms with orientation materials

  • placing voter registration forms at central locations, including voter registration forms with graduation materials

  • providing hyperlinks to, and the Internet Web site address of, the Secretary of State’s electronic voter registration system in notices sent by electronic mail to students and placed on the Internet Web site of the high school, college, or university

Temple City High School’s process begins  through our government classes where students learn about the process. In addition, our juniors and seniors view a nearpod lesson that walks our students through the voter registration and preregistration process.

If you have any questions, please contact Elena Li ( or our Principal Richard Lohman (

Technology Support for Parents:

Canvas 101 - Parent/Guardian's orientation explaining notifications for our parents 
Here is the link for that orientations notifications webpage:
The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to get to the notification preferences and how to set them to the individuals preference.

Here is a way to set it up for the Parent App (Easiest missing assignment settings are here)

How parents can become observers in Canvas - Here’s a video you can share with your parents on how parents can become observers on your Canvas page. 

Fall College Visits - Click for more information