For Parents

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Coffee with the Principals
Wednesday, April 17 at 7am in the TCHS Media Center
Please join us!

School Site Council Meeting
Wednesday, May 1 at 7:30am in Room 116

Intervention - Office Hours

Office Hours is where students will receive additional help in their classes if they are earning a D or F in any of their classes. However, Office Hours are not limited to students earning a D or F. If a student needs to ask a teacher a question or additional information on a lesson, teachers will be in their rooms to offer that help on their assigned day. If a student needs help in both subjects that are scheduled on the same day, please make arrangements with the teachers. Office hours takes place prior to the start of lunch (M, T, Th, and F) 12:25 - 12:50pm. There are no Office Hours on Wednesdays. 

Teachers will have students attend their Office Hours for extra support, reteaching, and tutoring in order to help our students achieve success. Office Hours will follow this schedule:





History and  Visual and Performing Arts

Math and World Languages

Science and Career Technical Education

English and Physical Education

Voter Registration for TCHS Students

In accordance with California Election Codes 2148(a) and 2146(e) and California Education Code section 49041 , TCHS is committed to voter registration and preregistration ( The intention of the legislation is to provide “every eligible high school and college student [with] a meaningful opportunity to apply to register to vote.”  This includes the following:

  • providing voter registration forms with orientation materials

  • placing voter registration forms at central locations, including voter registration forms with graduation materials

  • providing hyperlinks to, and the Internet Web site address of, the Secretary of State’s electronic voter registration system in notices sent by electronic mail to students and placed on the Internet Web site of the high school, college, or university

Temple City High School’s process begins  through our government classes where students learn about the process. In addition, our juniors and seniors view a nearpod lesson that walks our students through the voter registration and preregistration process.

If you have any questions, please contact Elena Li ( or our Principal Fil Lujan (

Technology Support for Parents:

Canvas 101 - Parent/Guardian's orientation explaining notifications for our parents 
Here is the link for that orientations notifications webpage:
The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to get to the notification preferences and how to set them to the individuals preference.

Here is a way to set it up for the Parent App (Easiest missing assignment settings are here)

How parents can become observers in Canvas - Here’s a video you can share with your parents on how parents can become observers on your Canvas page.