TCHS Registration 2022-2023

Dear Ramily,

Greetings from Temple City High School!  We hope this email finds each of you enjoying your summer break.

As preparations for the new school year is our priority, the materials found on Aeries  serve as notice that the opening of the fall term is not too distant.  We have been hard at work fulfilling our vision of developing a quality high school, one built upon high expectations and student success and hopefully these materials will ease the transition from summer to fall.

Please mark your personal calendars for the upcoming Registration dates: 
Seniors - Monday, August 15th
Juniors - Tuesday, August 16th
Sophomores - Wednesday, August 17th 
Freshmen - Thursday, August 18th
New Students (ONLY) – Friday, August 19th 
Late Registration - Monday, August 22nd 

It is important that you complete Aeries registration prior to coming to in-person registration. There you will have the opportunity to update address, phone, and emergency contact information. Any student unable to complete the in-person portion of registration on these dates will have to register the first day of school.  

The registration materials found on Aeries are for your reference and will provide important information to assist your student in forging a successful path to graduation.  Please read all those documents in Aeries.

We will continue communication with you by way of Parent Square so please make sure the email listed in Aeries is the current one you regularly check. We look forward to your continued support and personal involvement in the weeks and months ahead.

Fil Lujan, Principal 
(626) 548-5040

Monday — August 15th
7:30 a.m.    Specialty Groups*
8:30 a.m.    Sh - Wa
9:30 a.m.    We - Z
10:30 a.m.    Mc - Se
11:30 a.m.    Cr - He
12:30 p.m.    A - Co
1:30 p.m.    Lei - Ma
2:30 p.m.    Hi - Lee

Tuesday — August 16th      
7:30 a.m.    Specialty Groups*    
8:30 a.m.    He - Lee
9:30 a.m.    Sc - Wa    
10:30 a.m.    Lei - Men
11:30 a.m.    Mo - Sa
12:30 p.m.    We - Z
1:30 p.m.    A - Chi
2:30 p.m.    Cho - Ha


Wednesday – August 17th
7:30 a.m.    Specialty Groups*    
8:30 a.m.    Sm - Wa
9:30 a.m.    H - Lee
10:30 a.m.    A - Ches
11:30 a.m.    Lem - Mu
12:30 p.m.    N - Si
1:30 p.m.    Cheu - G
2:30 p.m.    We - Z

Thursday – August 18th 
7:30 a.m.    Specialty Groups*
8:30 a.m.    A - C
9:30 a.m.    N - Sa
10:30 a.m.    We - Z
11:30 a.m.    D - Hsu
12:30 p.m.    Hu - Lee
1:30 p.m.    Lei - M
2:30 p.m.    Sc - Wa

New Students (ONLY)
Friday - August 19th
12:30 p.m.  -  3:30p.m.

Late Registration
Monday – August 22nd
 12:00 p.m. – Seniors
 12:45 p.m. – Juniors
 1:30 p.m. – Sophomores
 2:15 p.m. – Freshmen
# - late registration closes  
      at 3:00 p.m.

*”Specialty groups” will be notified prior to registration.