Rewarding Achievement Mentoring Success

The RAMS program is student intervention program that is offered during the school day. The goals of the program are to lessen the achievement gap, decrease the number of students with D / F grades and motivate students to improve academic performance. Tier 1 consists of the RAMS period, period 5, from 12:05-12:30 MTThF. Students in the program will be placed in a study hall class with a teacher and up to 20 other students. Students are required to use this time to do homework, study for tests and do silent reading. The teacher in the classroom will assist students individually to the best of their abilities. If a teacher in the classroom does not specialize in a students area of need (i.e. an English teacher is not able to help with Chemistry homework.) then students may get a pass to visit another teacher.  Students who are not in the program will be allowed to go early to lunch. If students still struggle while in Tier 1 they would then be moved to Tier 2 after the next semester. In Tier 2 students will be placed in an elective Study Skills class. This class will have around 10 students and the teacher will work with each student to try to find remedies to the problems that are preventing success.


All TCHS students are in the RAMS program except those that fulfill all of the following:

  • Score proficient or advanced on all CST tests
  • Score a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Student has no "F" grades
  • Student has no more than one "D"
  • Student has no "U"s in work habits


Please note that the following students will be in RAMS despite fulfilling the above requirements.


  • All Freshman will be in the RAMS program for the first six weeks as part of our "Link" program.
  • Students that score Basic or below on the CST tests will be in RAMS for a 6 week grading period prior to this year's CST tests.
  • Students who do not pass the California High School Exit Exam will be in RAMS to receive test prep support.