Office Hours is where students will receive additional help in their classes if they are earning a D or F in any of their classes. However, Office Hours are not limited to students earning a D or F. If a student needs to ask a teacher a question or additional information on a lesson, teachers will be in their rooms to offer that help on their assigned day. If a student needs help in both subjects that are scheduled on the same day, please make arrangements with the teachers. Office hours takes place prior to the start of lunch (M, T, Th, and F) 12:25 - 12:50pm. There are no Office Hours on Wednesdays. 

Teachers will have students attend their Office Hours for extra support, reteaching, and tutoring in order to help our students achieve success. Office Hours will follow this schedule:





History and  Visual and Performing Arts

Math and World Languages

Science and Career Technical Education

English and Physical Education