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Student tutors are available:
dates and times to be announced in the next few weeks

Intervention - Office Hours

Beginning August 28, teachers will be holding Office Hours M, T, Th, F. The subject breakdown is below.

SBAC Testing is Here!

Junior CAASPP Math testing April 8 - 9 and April 11-12
Junior CAASPP English testing April 15-16 and April 18 - 19
Senior Science CAST testing April 15 - 16

Join us for prom at “Tiffany’s”, where elegance meets extravagance, on May 18 from 7-11pm at the Wallis Annenberg Building at Exposition Park. Early ticket sales begin now until April 19th. Early ASB tickets start at $125 and early ID starts at $140.  Make sure to grab a dance agreement in room 311 or at this link!

Office Hours Schedule