What is Renaissance?

Renaissance Student Recognition

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to honor and recognize the Temple City High School student body for various achievement in athletics, performing and fine arts, academics and school and community service. In addition, we wish to showcase the talents of the students of our school through performances and our end of the year Renaissance Assembly.

2012-2013 Renaissance Committee:

  • Patricia Dull- Athletics Commissioner
  • Mackenzie Byers- Commissioner of the Arts
  • Annaka Besaw- Renaissance Commissioner
  • Kelly Guo- Renaissance Commissioner
  • Janelle Rivera- Renaissance Commissioner

Lettermen Program Awards

Letterman Qualifications

TCHS is proud to expand our Athletic Lettermen Award Program to include all activities and academics at TCHS.  Students may earn an award in any one of the following areas.


Academic/Activitiy Award Qualifications

  • Academics - maintain a 3.75 or above GPA for 2.5 years.
  • Leadership - participate in ASBL for 2 years.
  • Rampage - participate in newspaper for 2 years.
  • Yearbook -  participate in Yearbook for 2 years.
  • Band/Auxillaries: participate in band or auxiliaries for 2 consectutive years
  • Adv. Drama: participate in Advanced Drama for 2 consecutive years
  • Brighterside Singers: participate in BSS for 2 years
  • Honors Orchestra: paricipate in Honors Orch for 1 years
  • Choreo: participate in Choreo for 2 years
  • Dragonflicks: participate in Dragonflicks for 2 years 


Athletic Requirements


  • Boys/Girls water polo: At least 1 year on varsity
  • Swim: 1 year on Varsity

Track and Field

  • Boys/Girls X country team: 2 years on team
  • Boys/ Girls track: At least 1 year on varsity


  • Boys/Girls soccer: At least 1 year varsity
  • Football: 1 year varsity
  • Baseball: 1 year varsity
  • Softball: 1 year varsity


  • Boys/Girls golf: 2 years on team


  • Boys/Girls Basketball: 1 year varsity
  • Boys/Girls volleyball: 1 year varsity


  • Boys/Girls tennis: At least 1 year varsity