RAMS Intervention Program

TCHS Intervention

Tier 1 (All Students)

All classroom teachers monitor and motivate student progress. Assignments and a detailed grade book are posted regularly on Aeries and Canvas.  Students are expected to balance their time and manage their classes by keeping up with all assignments and keeping their grade suitably high. Communication between students, teachers and parents is vital to this process. Parents should monitor student progress on Aeries and via communication with the teacher. Students who show signs of struggling may be placed in the Tier 2 Office Hours for extra help, as well as having a Student Success Team (SST) meeting held with parents, counselors, teachers and the student. 

Tier 2

Teachers will hold Office Hours to provide assistance for students who are having academic difficulties in one or more classes.  Students receive 25 minutes of support during the scheduled office hours in the class(es) students are struggling with for a four-week cycle.  This period is designed to provide assistance during the school day for struggling students. Each day of the week is assigned to a subject area so that students can attend office hours for the subject area in which they are struggling. Student performance will be reviewed at the end of each grading period to determine a continued need for office hours. Students meeting the following criteria will to attend office hours for a four week period: 

· Earning more than 2 D’s and/ or an F in any class

· Teacher request with parent consent

Other Tier 2 measures include referrals to the TCHS after-school HELP program for missed assignments or Saturday school.

Intervention Qualifiers

All students have access to intervention resources at TCHS, but students who are deemed “at risk” will be actively directed toward additional help in the TCHS Intervention Program (i.e. Office Hours). Identifiers for “at risk” students include:

  • Earning a “D” or “F” in any class

  • Earning less than a 2.0 GPA

  • Rapidly falling grades

  • Attendance issues

Additional qualifiers for placement in the TCHS Intervention programs include:

  • Referral from any educator, counselor, administrator, student self-referral, or request from parents